Kathryn Interviews Jonathan Mooney, NY Times Best-Selling Author of “Normal Sucks”
Episode #5857
October 9th, 2019
Medical & Ethical Dilemmas
Who should get custody of an embryo created through IVF when a couple divorces? Should an alcoholic in poor health be forced to go to rehab? Can a pediatrician refuse to see non-vaccinated clients? Or, when you or a loved one is on life support, who says you’re dead? Dr. Jacob Appel considers these bioethical questions, asking readers to play doctor and decide what they would do if confronted with the dilemma. He then reveals what decisions were actually made in the real-life cases on which his scenarios are based. Dr. Appel is an attending psychiatrist in the Mount Sinai Healthcare System, teaches bioethics at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai where he is the Director of Ethics Education in Psychiatry and is a member of the Institutional Review Board.
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Who Says You're Dead?: Medical & Ethical Dilemmas for the Curious & ConcernedBuy
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