Kathryn Interviewed gymnast Aly Raisman live on Dec. 3rd at University at Albany
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March 13th, 2019
Robin Stevens Payes
Social Marketing Consultant & Science Writer
Designed to open the minds of middle-grade readers to the adventure of learning about STEM through storytelling, Robin Stevens Payes is firing up a love for science with the second book in her thrilling EDGE OF YESTERDAY science fiction series. STEM is the fastest-growing sector in employment—up 28 percent since 2000. However, from 2014-2015 in the U.S. there were only some 30K STEM graduates for approximately 230K STEM jobs. To help America r...
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James Geary
Editor, Curator & Author
Wit is often thought of as simply being funny, but wit is more than just having a knack for snappy comebacks. It’s the quick, instinctive intelligence that allows us to think, say, or do the right thing at the right time in the right place. In his recent book, James Geary explores every facet of wittiness, with each chapter written in a style that exemplifies a different kind of wit, wisdom and sometimes even, serendipity. Geary shows how wit ...
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  • "Such a sensitive, thoughtful interview..."
    David Leite
  • "Smart and caring."
    Heather Lende
  • "Not only did Kathryn ask excellent, insightful questions, but her thoughtfulness, intellectual curiosity, clear commitment to help others, and great kindness were highly evident."
    Holly Parker, PhD
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