Abbot alumna inspires and educates through radio show
Episode #1448
March 30th, 2022
Anxiety Warrior
Whether in business, or in life, anxiety can be a debilitating obstacle that saps energy, causes undue worry and stress, and can lead to all manner of physical ailments as the body attempts to process all of the emotional triggers and reactions that are happening at lightspeed within. Sometimes people don't recognize its presence, shrugging it off as the mid-afternoon crash, and sometimes they know exactly why they feel the way they do and become so distraught that it's difficult to function. Elke Scholz offers hope and help to those who feel that anxiety is an unmanageable part of their lives. As an internationally certified EMDR Therapist she guides and empowers you to go from feeling like a victim of your anxiety to an empowered warrior over it. She’s a co-chair on the board for IEATA, International Expressive Art Therapy Association and is an affiliate author for Project Happiness.
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