Kathryn Interviewed gymnast Aly Raisman live on Dec. 3rd at University at Albany
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October 16th, 2019
Pamela Paul
Editor NY Times Book Review
How do you raise a reader in this ever-changing world of technology, devices and other distractions? Screen time may often be more appealing than reading time for a child, but with reading known to be so important, how can a parent encourage kids to make reading a priority? Reading can be a source of stress for parents: “Which books should I read to my baby, and how early? Is my child reading soon enough, fast enough, in an advanced enough way...
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Anthony Rao PhD
Author & Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist
There’s a silent epidemic that’s ravaging America, one that’s lurking below the headlines: our near-constant state of anxiety. According to WHO, the United States is the most anxious nation on earth, with at least one in five people currently diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. As individuals, we’ve lost our agency: the ability to deal with stress and act as an effective agent for ourselves. Anthony Rao PhD distills 50 years of clinical fieldw...
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  • "Smart and caring."
    Heather Lende, NYTimes Bestselling Author
  • "Not only did Kathryn ask excellent, insightful questions, but her thoughtfulness, intellectual curiosity, clear commitment to help others, and great kindness were highly evident."
    Holly Parker, PhD
  • "Such a sensitive, thoughtful interview..."
    David Leite
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