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November 30th, 2022
Episode #1516
Steve Simpson
This time of year may be festive for most people, but it is also painful and toxic to many. For those people, the holidays bring on the specter of violence, and the pandemic has only made it worse: a struggling economy, an increase in illness and disease, and mental health issues that are increasing at an alarming rate. These are all major factors in dysfunctional homes, and sadly, contribute to an increase in suicide as a way out. Steve Simps...
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Episode #1515
Eric Yaverbaum
Author, CEO of Ericho Communications
Hate speech already saw an uptick on Twitter since Elon Musk’s recent takeover. Not to mention that Musk is now “cleaning shop”, with plenty of layoffs planned at the company. From a delay in censoring hate-filled words to layoffs en masse, what will Twitter’s reputation become? If this continues, how can we anticipate our view of Twitter to change? Will it still keep its spot as a mainstream communications town square, or will it become equ...
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  • "Smart and caring."
    Heather Lende, NYTimes Bestselling Author
  • "Not only did Kathryn ask excellent, insightful questions, but her thoughtfulness, intellectual curiosity, clear commitment to help others, and great kindness were highly evident."
    Holly Parker, PhD
  • "Such a sensitive, thoughtful interview..."
    David Leite
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