Kathryn interviews MSNBC Health Analyst Dr. Irwin Redlener
Episode #1294
October 7th, 2020
Looking For Love
Dating in the 21st century looks far different than it did for our parents or grandparents due to social, cultural and technological changes. However, one thing has remained the same — we are still looking for love. Francesca Beauman examines individual ads placed in various major US cities throughout history and highlights the rise of satire ads as well as the first ads placed by women. She explores changes over different eras that impacted the creation of modern-day society: from the first tentative ad placed in the Boston Evening Post in 1759 to current profiles on modern dating apps. Beauman, author of six books, including a history of the pineapple and a history of British personal ads, runs the popular book forum “Fran’s Book Shop.”
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Matrimony, Inc.: From Personal Ads to Swiping Right, a Story of America Looking for LoveBuy
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