Kathryn interviews MSNBC Health Analyst Dr. Irwin Redlener
Episode #1319
December 30th, 2020
Undercover Billionaire
The American dream is still alive and 3 self-made entrepreneurs have set out to prove it. Each of Undercover Billionaire’s 3 tycoons will once again start from scratch to prove you don't need anything but drive and good people to build something big. With only 90 days and nothing but $100 in their pockets, they will put $1,000,000 on the line to go undercover and build a thriving million-dollar business for a small town in the US. Elaine Culotti, an entrepreneur since age 14, happily accepted the challenge exchanging the comforts of home -- and even her driver's license -- to participate in season 2 of Undercover Billionaire on Discovery. Culotti is a real estate developer, interior designer and founder of the famous House of Rock in Santa Monica, CA.
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