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Episode #1332
February 17th, 2021
Moms Don’t Have Time
For nearly three years, author, mother of four and award-winning podcaster Zibby Owens has enthusiastically used her voice to address a widely-known but rarely discussed issue: Moms Don’t Have Time To Read Books. As the global pandemic took hold earlier this year, Zibby created We Found Time, an online magazine of essays written by both the authors she’d come to know over the years, and herself, inspired by all the things moms don’t have time to do — especially during the pandemic — like eat, work out, breathe, read or have sex. These essays have now been published and serve to help us escape our own issues and learn a bit from someone else’s. Zibby’s writing has appeared in The Washington Post, Real Simple, Parents, Marie Claire, Redbook and the NY Times online. She is a regular contributor to ABC’s Good Morning America online.
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