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Episode #1419
December 15th, 2021
Strategic Pause
The global workforce has a busyness problem. We’re overworked, overwhelmed and operating at breakneck speeds. Every space on our calendars is filled to the brim, with no minute to spare and no moment left un-maximized. Urgency is the norm and immediacy is the gold standard. It’s no wonder that, as we emerge from the disruption of the pandemic and head back to the office, weary professionals are experiencing burnout like never before and 40 percent of workers globally are considering quitting their jobs. Renowned keynote speaker and executive advisor, Juliet Funt, presents a fundamental reimagining of how we approach work that meets the unique demands of the current moment. She reveals the performance-enhancing power of the strategic pause -- periods of open, unscheduled time that allow us to think more wisely and creatively. She has been featured in Forbes and Fast Company and has worked with brands such as Spotify, National Geographic, Pepsi, Nike, Wells Fargo, ESPN and more.
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