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Episode #1496
September 21st, 2022
Living with ADHD
When someone has ADHD, their brain is legitimately wired differently and focuses on different things than someone would expect them to. This difference in circuitry is not somehow wrong, incomplete, lazy, or shameful. However, it does present those diagnosed with ADHD with significant challenges around typical things that others do with ease. Time management, organization skills, forgetfulness, trouble completing tasks, mood swings, and relationship problems are among the chief hurdles they jump through daily. Dr. Tamara Rosier applies her years of coaching others to show those with this different wiring how ADHD affects every aspect of someone’s life so that they can finally understand why they think, feel, and act the way they do. She is the founder of the ADHD Center of West Michigan, president of the ADHD Coaches Organization, and is a popular conference and keynote speaker.
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