Abbot alumna inspires and educates through radio show
Episode #1506
October 26th, 2022
Restoring Your Peace
We hardly need to be reminded that anxiety is at an all-time high. School shootings, the never-ending covid train, politically charged divisiveness and climate change are in our face daily, and we’re expected to remain sane, calm and go about our lives. General and forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Tracey Marks, has written the book to help us navigate this 'new normal’. With expertise in perhaps the most newsworthy subject pervading our lives both personally and culturally, she is ready to address, advise and help heal our nation’s anxiety epidemic. She broadcasts to over a million followers weekly on herYouTube channel. Her mission is to increase mental health awareness and understanding by educating people about psychiatric disorders, mental health well being and self improvement. Dr.Marks has been featured on CNN and HLN for her forensic and general psychiatric commentary.
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