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Episode #1508
November 2nd, 2022
White Flag
Raising the white flag is a universal symbol of surrender, a symbol of the hope that our vulnerability will be shielded from further harm and we can finally lay down our burden. What separates those who summon the inner strength to ask for help from those who can never unfurl their banner? These are the questions that haunt Judy L. Mandel in her searingly honest memoir about loss and addiction. She shares this further exploration of her family so movingly portrayed in her previous NYTimes bestselling memoir, Replacement Child. She is a former reporter and marketing executive and holds an MFA in creative writing from Stony Brook University. Her essays, articles and short stories have appeared on, 34th Parallel, The Tishman Review, Connecticut LIFE, ASJA Monthly, The Southampton Review, American Writers Review and many other publications.
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