Abbot alumna inspires and educates through radio show
Episode #1604
October 18th, 2023
What happens when 49 authors sit down to craft their experiences of living in a body? Magic! Diane Gottlieb carefully curates a magical anthology of short essays, filled with trauma and triumph, pleasures and pain, challenges, resilience and growth. No matter where you turn in this tribute to the miracles, mishaps and mysteries of the body, you will be moved.A host of seasoned writers present a stunning array of diverse voices, journeys and literary forms. Awakenings will sometimes make you laugh, often make you cry, and will always spur a deep appreciation for the flesh and bones that carry us all through life. Gottlieb's writing appears in 2023 Best Microfiction, HuffPost, Chicago Review of Books, About Place Journal, and 100 Word Stories. She is the founder and author of Woman Pause, a newsletter dedicated to lifting the voices of women over 50.
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