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Episode #1642
February 28th, 2024
Growth Mindset
For those feeling grounded by fear, a lack of communication skills, negative self-talk, poor boundaries and other emotional obstacles can send their problems packing with Soaring Sessions™, an innovative new approach to experiential coaching from psychotherapist and licensed aviator Michaela Renee Johnson. Scheduled as one, half-day-long appointment, each Soaring Session has three parts: Ground Discovery/Pre Flight, Flight Time and Debrief. During Ground Discovery, Johnson works with clients to identify attachment style, poor boundaries, negative self-talk , fixed mindset and relationship setbacks; the client then witnesses how those play out in the air. Clients do not have to fly the plane, but clients have the front seat to themselves, giving them the experience of being alone at the controls, although they are not. She is a bestselling author, motivational speaker and a nationally acclaimed happiness expert hosting her top iTunes podcast, Be You Find Happy.
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