Kathryn Interviews Jonathan Mooney, NY Times Best-Selling Author of “Normal Sucks”
Episode #5828
July 3rd, 2019
The Power of AI
By 2020, the average person will have more conversations with AI bots than with his or her spouse. And today, researchers have found that 93 percent of 8- and 9-year-olds won’t share embarrassing issues with family members or friends - but they will with Alexa. Clearly, we’re only beginning to understand AI’s power and potential consequences. William Ammerman MA pulls back the digital curtain on a transformed industry in which machines - not marketers - have become the ultimate arbiters. Ammerman is the Executive VP of Digital Media at Engaged Media Inc. and has previously held leadership positions with Tribune Media, Hearst Television, and Capitol Broadcasting. Over his career, he’s managed digital advertising for hundreds of television stations and their websites, mobile apps and connected platforms.
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The Invisible Brand: Marketing in the Age Of Automation, Big Data, and Machine LearningBuy
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