Kathryn interviews NY Times Best Selling Author Abigail Tucker
Episode #1287
September 9th, 2020
Black Male Stereotypes
The gruesome killing of George Floyd could cause many black men to shrink back and feel hopeless. But now more than ever, there is a call for them to remain optimistic as the current momentum created by the recent uprising can create lasting changes for not just them, but the entire black community. Michael Taylor is riding this momentum and wants to empower black men during this critical time in black history. He offers an insightful look into the ten most destructive illusions about black men and delivers proven solutions and techniques they can use to overcome the stereotype mindset and live above the generic negative illusions about the black race. Taylor, President & CEO of Creation Publishing Group, has been featured on ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS.
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Shattering Black Male Stereotypes: Eradicating The 10 Most Destructive Media Generated Illusions About Black MenBuy
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