Kathryn interviews MSNBC Health Analyst Dr. Irwin Redlener
Episode #1327
January 27th, 2021
Kids And Politics
From learning how to distinguish between attacking ideas and attacking someone's character, to explaining why Mom/Dad are so angry and sad today, to helping kids of all ages understand how politics and protests work — kids are going to have questions. Dr. Lea Lis is uniquely positioned to help parents and children face many mental health challenges and live healthy lives. During her training and residency at St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York and NYU and her private psychiatric practice (Mindful Kid), she has developed expertise in working with modern families of all types. Dr. Lis has a column in Psychology Today and Thrive Global and has appeared as an expert on parenting on ABC, CBS and NBC.
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No Shame: Real Talk With Your Kids About Sex, Self-Confidence, and Healthy RelationshipsBuy
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