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Episode #1607
November 1st, 2023
Trauma Toolkit
In a world where stress and adversity are all too common, Christine Gibson MD offers concrete strategies to not only overcome challenges but to also harness them for growth. With a focus on practicality, her toolkit features over forty activities that readers can easily integrate into their lives to initiate the healing process. She empowers readers to understand how their bodies respond to stress and equips them with the tools to reshape their reflexes for post-traumatic growth. Dr Gibson, a family physician and trauma therapist, provides a blueprint for navigating the complex journey of healing after trauma She's on social media as TikTokTraumaDoc with >130k followers and runs an international non-profit Global Familymed Foundation to train professionals how to manage workplace trauma - Safer Spaces Training
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The Modern Trauma Toolkit: Nurture Your Post-Traumatic Growth with Personalized SolutionsBuy
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