Kathryn Interviews Jonathan Mooney, NY Times Best-Selling Author of “Normal Sucks”
Episode #5744
October 3rd, 2018
Sexual Liberation
Xanet Pailet who lived in a sexless marriage for decades, is passionate about helping individuals who are struggling with their sexuality and feel broken, reclaim their sexuality and their pleasure, transform their lives and understand that help is available. This book is for the 20 year old who was date raped, the 30 year old mom who was traumatized during childbirth, the 40 year old divorced woman who has never experienced an orgasm, the 50 year old who is struggling with menopause and low libido, and the 60 plus year old woman who is ready to explore her sexuality and experience orgasmic bliss. Pailet is featured in SheKnows, Brides and Cosmopolitan.
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